Alejandro Fernandez opens ‘I Know It Hurts’

Alejandro Fernandez decided to say yes to the Colombian group. This is the second preview of his upcoming album Breaking Borders, which promises to become one of the most heard of 2017. I know that you’re hurt’ is an ode to all those who are going through a disappointment of love and find in their letter an alternative to re-believe in love passionate delivered and with an incredible desire to believe in their magic. As stated by Juan Pablo Isaza, vocalist of the band. The lyrics are one hundred percent spiteful but a proud spite. I would define the song as a very shrill song.

Alejandro Fernandez

The video was recorded in Mexico, on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Costa Alegre Jalisco destinations recommended by the Mexican artist who did not miss the opportunity to boast of the beauties that his country has to offer to the world. The Colombian group that was nominated the year as artist Revelation at the Latin Grammy Awards said they are very grateful to the Mexican artist. Continue reading “Alejandro Fernandez opens ‘I Know It Hurts’”

Madonna is officially the mother of twin girls

Although at the time, it was announced that she intended to expand her family by adopting two girls from Malawi. The country of origin of her children David Banda and Mercy James 11 year’s old singer Madonna flatly denied the news. Insisted that her presence in the African country was only explained by the supervision of development aid projects carried out by her foundation. Now the representative of the Supreme Court of Malawi has publicly confirmed that the court has granted the American artist her Petition to adopt the little Esther and Stella.


As the British daily The Daily Mail says the Queen of Pop herself also mother of Lourdes Maria (19) and Rocco (16), was present in the courtroom when Judge Fiona Mwale officially approved her request. At the same time Reported that he should provide him with a comprehensive report on any aspect of his domestic life that ensures that his needs are properly covered at all times. Continue reading “Madonna is officially the mother of twin girls”

Would Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt be back together?

This week rumors spread that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt would again be in touch for work reasons. Hollywood Live said that the experimenter was talking to shoot a movie. Several media reported that Pitt had called Aniston to congratulate her on her birthday and have since exchanged messages on her cell to work on a joint project.

Would Jennifer Aniston

However, Gossip Cop, a portal that verifies the entertainment news, denied the information. According to the Aniston representative, there is no work project under consideration. The representative did not refer to communications for personal reasons. Continue reading “Would Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt be back together?”

What do my breasts have to do with feminism Emma Watson

The London actor explained why her topless appearance in Vanity Fair magazine is not inconsistent with her speech and her struggle for gender equality. Emma Watson talks about feminist criticism for posing at Vanity Fair Cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

Emma Watson

The latest edition of the American magazine Vanity Fair was the reason for the discord between several people in social networks. On page, three appeared Emma Watson topless although covered with a white caplet. Immediately, several people attacked her through social networks asserting that the artist had not understood what feminism was all about. Continue reading “What do my breasts have to do with feminism Emma Watson”

Oscar figures and other fun facts

Hollywood’s elite meets Sunday at the Dolby The atre to celebrate the 89th edition of the Academy Awards and reward the best of the film industry. Here are some fun data to have a clearer idea of ​​the show before the show.

Oscar figures

The youngest Oscar winner was a girl of five years: Shirley Temple in 1934, although he was an honorary award for children. If it is, only the categories of competition would then Tatum O’Neal who was 10 when she won best supporting actor for Paper Moon in 1974. Continue reading “Oscar figures and other fun facts”

Emma Stone the Oscar for Best Actress

There was no surprise in the category of best leading actress and Emma Stone will sleep tonight as an Oscar winner. Emma said on stage I realize that being here is due to a confluence of luck and opportunity. Then thanked the director of the project Damien Chazelle find out who he is for having let him be part of a special project and unique in life.

Oscar for Best Actress

Casey Affleck is to Denzel Washington when he picked up his Oscar for Best Lead Actor Casey Affleck’s homage to Denzel Washington when he picked up his Oscar. Thank you for making me laughs for raising the bar and being the best partner in this adventure. Continue reading “Emma Stone the Oscar for Best Actress”

Hollywood Stars Take Part in US Election Battle

Celebrities have always used their power when it comes to promoting a presidential candidate and this year is no exception. The cinema constantly hosts evenings organized by movie stars and directors of major studios to raise funds in favor of their favorite aspirant. The entrance to one of these parties can cost up to 300,000 dollars per person.

Hollywood Stars

The most important thing is that Hollywood celebrities get a level of care for a candidate that no other industry gets says Steve Ross a professor of USC History and author of the book ‘Hollywood Left and Right’. Continue reading “Hollywood Stars Take Part in US Election Battle”

Dakota Johnson the most successful actresses

After greeting middle friends like Kate Hudson and posing for the photographers on the red carpet. She has to go out to the film directors union to participate in a question and answer session on Criminal Pact the film with Johnny Depp about James ‘Whitey’ Bulge. In which Dakota plays Lindsey Cyr the legendary Boston mobster. The next day he would be on a plane bound for Japan to accompany Michael Kors to open his shop in Ginza district in Tokyo.

Dakota Johnson

This frenetic pace is somehow new to the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson and granddaughter of Tippi Hedren. That struggle led to secondary roles and even in tapes like The Social Network, Special Command (21 Jump Street) and Eternally Committed. The great opportunity for Johnson came in late 2013 with the character of Anastasia Steele the young literature student who falls in love with millionaire and sadomasochist Christian Gray Jamie Dornan in shades of Gray. Continue reading “Dakota Johnson the most successful actresses”

Jennifer Lawrence highest paid of the year

At age 26, Lawrence benefited from the blockbuster success of the latest installment of The Hunger Games saga, which garnered a share of more than $ 653 million in theaters and the contract for the Film Passengers which will be released this year.

Jennifer Lawrence

Although her income was down on the previous year when she pocketed $ 52 million, the Oscar winner for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ clearly outclassed the rest of Hollywood female stars in terms of profits. According to Forbes the second highest paid actor of the year is comedian Melissa McCarthy who made more money than ever thanks to the new version of ‘Ghost busters’. Continue reading “Jennifer Lawrence highest paid of the year”

Ivanka Trump and the future Duchess

The one who could become the future Duchess of Alba has found her ‘alter ego’ as far as style refers to the other side of the pond. It is not about any minor celebrity but about Ivanka Trump herself. First lady of the United States we do not say it but Wikipedia the president’s right hand would have the same taste when choosing clothes or at least similar that Fernando Fitz-James’s official girlfriend.

Ivanka Trump

The best test: both chose the same dress of the brand of which Alejandra Rojas is one of her main promoters for two of her most important public appearances both of a family character and in which both would be photographed for posterity. Continue reading “Ivanka Trump and the future Duchess”