Hollywood Stars Take Part in US Election Battle

Celebrities have always used their power when it comes to promoting a presidential candidate and this year is no exception. The cinema constantly hosts evenings organized by movie stars and directors of major studios to raise funds in favor of their favorite aspirant. The entrance to one of these parties can cost up to 300,000 dollars per person.

Hollywood Stars

The most important thing is that Hollywood celebrities get a level of care for a candidate that no other industry gets says Steve Ross a professor of USC History and author of the book ‘Hollywood Left and Right’. Continue reading “Hollywood Stars Take Part in US Election Battle”

Dakota Johnson the most successful actresses

After greeting middle friends like Kate Hudson and posing for the photographers on the red carpet. She has to go out to the film directors union to participate in a question and answer session on Criminal Pact the film with Johnny Depp about James ‘Whitey’ Bulge. In which Dakota plays Lindsey Cyr the legendary Boston mobster. The next day he would be on a plane bound for Japan to accompany Michael Kors to open his shop in Ginza district in Tokyo.

Dakota Johnson

This frenetic pace is somehow new to the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson and granddaughter of Tippi Hedren. That struggle led to secondary roles and even in tapes like The Social Network, Special Command (21 Jump Street) and Eternally Committed. The great opportunity for Johnson came in late 2013 with the character of Anastasia Steele the young literature student who falls in love with millionaire and sadomasochist Christian Gray Jamie Dornan in shades of Gray. Continue reading “Dakota Johnson the most successful actresses”

Jennifer Lawrence highest paid of the year

At age 26, Lawrence benefited from the blockbuster success of the latest installment of The Hunger Games saga, which garnered a share of more than $ 653 million in theaters and the contract for the Film Passengers which will be released this year.

Jennifer Lawrence

Although her income was down on the previous year when she pocketed $ 52 million, the Oscar winner for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ clearly outclassed the rest of Hollywood female stars in terms of profits. According to Forbes the second highest paid actor of the year is comedian Melissa McCarthy who made more money than ever thanks to the new version of ‘Ghost busters’. Continue reading “Jennifer Lawrence highest paid of the year”

Ivanka Trump and the future Duchess

The one who could become the future Duchess of Alba has found her ‘alter ego’ as far as style refers to the other side of the pond. It is not about any minor celebrity but about Ivanka Trump herself. First lady of the United States we do not say it but Wikipedia the president’s right hand would have the same taste when choosing clothes or at least similar that Fernando Fitz-James’s official girlfriend.

Ivanka Trump

The best test: both chose the same dress of the brand of which Alejandra Rojas is one of her main promoters for two of her most important public appearances both of a family character and in which both would be photographed for posterity. Continue reading “Ivanka Trump and the future Duchess”

Famous for the planet a publicity stunt

The support of the stars was crucial for the US government to reverse the layout of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The support of the stars was crucial for the US government to reverse the layout of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

planet a publicity

On October 30 last year the National Geographic Channel screened the world premiere of Before the flood, a documentary that sought to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change and encourage viewers to take action on the issue. Around the world the film was publicized as Leonardo documentary on the environment, but behind the production were other famous ones like the directors Martin Scorsese and Brett Ratner, the musicians Trent Reznor (known by the group Nine Inch Nails) Atticus Ross and Gustavo Santaolalla, among others. They contributed by donating their work and at the same time demonstrated that environmental awareness in Hollywood is not restricted to one person. Continue reading “Famous for the planet a publicity stunt”

This is the new dream team female Albert Rivera

If you ask them for the best known of the formation orange female face, sure it would not take a second to answer. At 33 years, the rise of this Law graduate has been meteoric, as recognized by their peers. It was the speaker of Citizens in Catalonia and now will be the national executive. Arrimadas is a lively and tenacious Andalusian based in Catalonia that roams the seat or television sets with poise and aplomb, though it is defined as a shy woman.

Albert Rivera

The smallest of five brothers, the daughter of a lawyer, married a few months ago with the independent political Xavier Cima at a wedding with Andalusian flavor, it is a frustrated, fond of travel archeologist, the omelette, the running and his little dog. Impeccable in their daily outfit (although no image consultant), has achieved a unique style in a new and modern party imposing sobriety and studied naturalness as a guideline to follow. Continue reading “This is the new dream team female Albert Rivera”

Techniques for achieving a natural blonde

More and more women who want to have their hair blond. Yes, but takes tons like ice blonde, the truth is that what he wants most is to look like her blonde-haired person natural. Of course, women also demand that their blonde-haired person do not enslave them too much, meaning that they do not have to go to the beauty salon with assiduity.

Fortunately, today barbershops offer different techniques to achieve a natural blonde-haired person. Today we talk about some of them. Would you like to join us?

achieving a natural blonde hair


First, we discuss the balayage a staining technique in which the wicks are made by hand and without using foil. The best thing about this technique is that it provides the points of light righteous. Also, the root is not too marked. Continue reading “Techniques for achieving a natural blonde”

Gato Romero to lead Malaga to the end of the season

The Malaga Football Club began this summer an interesting project with Juande Ramos at the front. With him, it was expected that the team would overcome the good work of Javi Gracia and that he fought to play in Europe, but this year has not been so and that has been provoking quite a stir in the environment.

Within this rarefied atmosphere came the resignation of Juande Ramos. The Spanish coach justified his decision, unusual in football today, based not on results, not considered bad at all, but that environment which he regarded as one of the main problems for the team was not positions In which it should be.

gato romero

Finding a substitute for Juande Ramos has not been easy either. The first choice for the sporting director, Francesc Arnau, was his friend Oscar Garcia Junyent, but failed to convince him to leave the Austrian Red Bull Salzburg. The other names that were on the table, such as Ruby or Sergio Gonzalez, seems not entirely convinced the above Arnau areas. Continue reading “Gato Romero to lead Malaga to the end of the season”

Players with whom you can trade from January 1, 2017

January 1st, 2017 marks the start date of the winter transfer market. Similarly, also marks the start date on which the clubs officially can start negotiating with players who just contract in the summer and therefore would be free and could be incorporated free (commissions separately) to a new computer.

Now, let’s meet some of those players who, these days, may be looking for a new future. We will do it first nationally and then internationally.

Santi Cazorla

In the Spanish League

In the Spanish Football League, we have more than fifty players ending contract in the summer of 2017 and are likely to change teams. To highlight the name of Pepe , Real Madrid defender, and players like Fernando Torres and Xabi Prieto, although it would be unusual for these two players will not continue in his current club, which are emblems. Continue reading “Players with whom you can trade from January 1, 2017”

Kasper Dolberg, talent of the Danish school for the Ajax of Amsterdam

John Steel Olsen is a former Danish footballer who spent his entire career in the Dutch league. In his retirement, Olsen joined the team of scouts from Ajax Amsterdam and has proven his talent to cast the tie to the promises of Scandinavian football, as his hand reached the Dutch team players like Ibrahimovic or Eriksen.

The last great “hunting” Olsen for Ajax is called Kasper Dolberg, it is Danish and also going to star. Just over a year ago this guy debuted in the first team of Silkeborg, the team of his hometown, and is now one of the names Ajax holder in the forward position and with a background of 11 goals in 21 Matches, between league, cup and European competition.

kasper dolberg

Olsen had followed the boy closely, fixed in the lower echelons of the selection of Denmark at age 14, so I still had not reached even debut in the Danish first division and Ajax already had his tie. His first destination was the youth team, where starting from the right end his performances gave him the jump to the first team for this season. Continue reading “Kasper Dolberg, talent of the Danish school for the Ajax of Amsterdam”