What is the secret of to hypnotize the whole world?

It is the famous chorus of a famous song. Of one, that takes 26 weeks in the Hot 100 list, of Billboard magazine and more than 10 in the first position. A music that is dedicated to a genre only to be able to break it. A song that, with more than 4.6 billion reproductions, becomes the most listened since the Internet exists.

hypnotize the whole world

He would like to have a better story to tell, says Fonsi in an interview for People magazine, but it is cheesy and without heroism. One day he woke up with the melody of the choir spinning in his head. Des Paito. He was in Puerto Rico and decided to put his country among the verses. “Let’s go on a beach in Puerto Rico.” He recorded a couple of lines on his phone and, looking for rhymes, he found that “Ay, blessed” so typical of Puerto Ricans to mean almost anything. “Until the waves shout: alas, blessed!” This, he says, was the beginning of everything. Continue reading “What is the secret of to hypnotize the whole world?”

The secret of Kate Middleton to repeat looks and always look new

When the new litter of women of royalty imposed the habit of repeating their looks, there were many comments in favor. The initiative was taken as a very slight departure from eccentric customs and outside the parameters of the vast majority. Now it seems that Kate’s “repeating” custom is not as it is shown. Because anyone will have noticed that despite having, a few years it was recently published that he still wearing boots of ten years ago the garments and shoes look impeccable.

Kate Middleton

The secret of Kate Middleton to repeat looks and always look new according to the stylist and royal specialist Rochelle White, Kate has her closet duplicated. Is Kate very careful or do the people who work with her knows the best methods for maintaining fabrics and textures? Continue reading “The secret of Kate Middleton to repeat looks and always look new”

Celebrities who got married a second time

If there is a woman who believes in love and in second chances, it is Geraldine. This Argentine woman was married to librettist Mauricio Navas, with whom she has an 11-year-old son named Fernando. After a divorce quite commented by the press the actor gave what to talk about dating and Jaime Andres Motta, younger than her. However, in 2010 he met the love of his life the Chilean actor Gonzalo Vivanco. With poetry, chocolates and mariachis he conquered her and after three months of relationship, proposed marriage to her in 2011.

Carolina Sabino and Daniel Cabrales

Carolina Sabino and Daniel Cabrales

There are couples who are meant to be together. They met in Cartagena when they were children because their mothers studied in the same school. They grew up and each one went by his side. In 1999, and with four months of pregnancy, Carolina married the musician Kike Duque winner. Although they shared a taste for acting and singing, it was not enough to save their marriage, which lasted two years. Continue reading “Celebrities who got married a second time”

Colombia smells of happiness William Levy

Esika introduced Magnet Select, its new masculine fragrance, designed for successful men, who choose to live intensely exclusive and intense experiences in complicity with their partner, leaving their personal stamp on everything they do.

William Levy

The fragrance Magnet Select, thanks to its sophisticated woody aroma and its exclusive presentation, reflect the luxury, success and adrenaline; Attributes personified in William Levy, recognized Latin actor who has participated in great amount of telenovelas and films in Hollywood, leaving his personal seal in each one of them. William not only shares the product’s features as sophistication and success, but also enjoys intense and exclusive activities, lifestyle that makes him the perfect Magnet Select man. He is a popular person. Continue reading “Colombia smells of happiness William Levy”

Michelle Obama that make it simply unforgettable

The wife of Barack Obama surprised us for eight years because of her charisma, style and great social sense undoubtedly a first lady that the American country the world will never forget. I am here today because I want to give them a better world a world where they will have the opportunities with which we and our mothers and grandmothers could only dream.

some good quotes

One of the lessons I grew up with was always staying true to me and not letting what someone else said distracts me from my goals. That is why, when I hear about negative and false attacks towards me, I try not to invest No energy in them because I know what I am. Continue reading “Michelle Obama that make it simply unforgettable”