With the triumph of Laura Gonzalez as the new Miss Colombia

Punctuality is the courtesy of queens. Punctuality is already a courtesy that is not fulfilled. The most punctual is Atlantic and that is why you won a watch. Before opening the envelope the presenter asked if Antioquia won and all were silent. They smiled. Tolima likes to sleep just like Caldas and Valle. They sleep little and go all day from side to side. Everything is planned measured timed. Queens are real women what happens to me. Who suffer who cry who dawn with dark circles when they do not sleep well.

With the triumph of Laura Gonzalez

The thermometer marks 30 degrees of temperature and 34 of thermal sensation. We are strong like them. It is the Battle of Flores. The rapper strikes the bass drum and dances the folkloric ballet. They make faces at me they threaten to throw me coffee. Was it not foam? No it is coffee powder. Greet throw kisses and pose for photos. Beautiful But dances we are seeing you Knees on the floor for the roaring of a tuba in the Rumba Brava, Joropo shoe. Continue reading “With the triumph of Laura Gonzalez as the new Miss Colombia”

Famous for the planet a publicity stunt

The support of the stars was crucial for the US government to reverse the layout of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The support of the stars was crucial for the US government to reverse the layout of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

planet a publicity

On October 30 last year the National Geographic Channel screened the world premiere of Before the flood, a documentary that sought to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change and encourage viewers to take action on the issue. Around the world the film was publicized as Leonardo documentary on the environment, but behind the production were other famous ones like the directors Martin Scorsese and Brett Ratner, the musicians Trent Reznor (known by the group Nine Inch Nails) Atticus Ross and Gustavo Santaolalla, among others. They contributed by donating their work and at the same time demonstrated that environmental awareness in Hollywood is not restricted to one person. Continue reading “Famous for the planet a publicity stunt”

Techniques for achieving a natural blonde

More and more women who want to have their hair blond. Yes, but takes tons like ice blonde, the truth is that what he wants most is to look like her blonde-haired person natural. Of course, women also demand that their blonde-haired person do not enslave them too much, meaning that they do not have to go to the beauty salon with assiduity.

Fortunately, today barbershops offer different techniques to achieve a natural blonde-haired person. Today we talk about some of them. Would you like to join us?

achieving a natural blonde hair


First, we discuss the balayage a staining technique in which the wicks are made by hand and without using foil. The best thing about this technique is that it provides the points of light righteous. Also, the root is not too marked. Continue reading “Techniques for achieving a natural blonde”

Hair Tuck, a very beneficial trend for hair

Earlier this year you talk about a trend capillary was triumphing worldwide. We refer to Hair Tuck, or what is the same, hide part of the hair under the coat or sweater. Well, if you liked this fashion, you are Surte, as this autumn-winter is also trend. Best of all is that this way of combing hair can have many benefits for hair. Yes! Yes! As you are reading!

You want to know how to benefit the Hair Tuck your hair? Well we recommend you do not miss anything of what we tell you then!

An easy trend to continue

The best of this hair trend is that, many other differences, it is very simple to follow. All you have to do is hide part of the hair inside his coat, sweater, jacket, scarf or any other garment. Thus, without having to go through the salon, you will achieve a change of look super flattering and as we’ve said before, very beneficial for the hair.

hair tuck

Barring winter weather conditions

To get the points inside the clothes, this part of the hair is kept safe from the cold, wind and moisture, which factors hurt a lot mane. In fact, many experts say that the typical winter weather conditions are among the main enemies of hair. With this hair trend you allow your hair suffer less during the coldest time of year. Continue reading “Hair Tuck, a very beneficial trend for hair”