Bill Paxton actor of Aliens and Titanic

American actor Bill Paxton, a fetish interpreter of director James Cameron, who appeared in such films as the Terminator Aliens True Lies and Titanic died Saturday at age 61, a representative for his family through a statement. With great regret, we share the news that Bill Paxton died of complications following an operation the statement said.

Bill Paxton

Paxton, one of Hollywood’s illustrious high school students, began his career working in the art department of dozens of small productions and eventually became a frequent face of action films of the 1980s and 1990s with tapes such as Commando, ‘Predator 2’, ‘Tombstone Apollo 13’ and ‘Twister’.  Bill’s passion for art was remarkable among those who knew him, and his candor and endless energy were indelible the statement said. Continue reading “Bill Paxton actor of Aliens and Titanic”

Alejandro Fernandez opens ‘I Know It Hurts’

Alejandro Fernandez decided to say yes to the Colombian group. This is the second preview of his upcoming album Breaking Borders, which promises to become one of the most heard of 2017. I know that you’re hurt’ is an ode to all those who are going through a disappointment of love and find in their letter an alternative to re-believe in love passionate delivered and with an incredible desire to believe in their magic. As stated by Juan Pablo Isaza, vocalist of the band. The lyrics are one hundred percent spiteful but a proud spite. I would define the song as a very shrill song.

Alejandro Fernandez

The video was recorded in Mexico, on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Costa Alegre Jalisco destinations recommended by the Mexican artist who did not miss the opportunity to boast of the beauties that his country has to offer to the world. The Colombian group that was nominated the year as artist Revelation at the Latin Grammy Awards said they are very grateful to the Mexican artist. Continue reading “Alejandro Fernandez opens ‘I Know It Hurts’”

Emma Stone the Oscar for Best Actress

There was no surprise in the category of best leading actress and Emma Stone will sleep tonight as an Oscar winner. Emma said on stage I realize that being here is due to a confluence of luck and opportunity. Then thanked the director of the project Damien Chazelle find out who he is for having let him be part of a special project and unique in life.

Oscar for Best Actress

Casey Affleck is to Denzel Washington when he picked up his Oscar for Best Lead Actor Casey Affleck’s homage to Denzel Washington when he picked up his Oscar. Thank you for making me laughs for raising the bar and being the best partner in this adventure. Continue reading “Emma Stone the Oscar for Best Actress”

Jennifer Lawrence highest paid of the year

At age 26, Lawrence benefited from the blockbuster success of the latest installment of The Hunger Games saga, which garnered a share of more than $ 653 million in theaters and the contract for the Film Passengers which will be released this year.

Jennifer Lawrence

Although her income was down on the previous year when she pocketed $ 52 million, the Oscar winner for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ clearly outclassed the rest of Hollywood female stars in terms of profits. According to Forbes the second highest paid actor of the year is comedian Melissa McCarthy who made more money than ever thanks to the new version of ‘Ghost busters’. Continue reading “Jennifer Lawrence highest paid of the year”

Diego Luna will bring ‘naturalism and realism’ to the new movie ‘Star Wars’

Mexican actor Diego Luna could not be more excited now that will become part of such a select as those who have made ‘club The Wars ‘ one of the most iconic film franchises in history, and although the film that will star, ‘ Rogue One: a Star Wars Story ‘, constitutes an alternative tape away from the main line of films, the interpreter is pleased that its foray into the fictional universe created by George Lucas will offer a “more realistic approach and next “interstellar conflict.

” Gareth [ Edwards, director of the film] gave me some flowers and said [during one of his first encounters] ‘I want to bring to this film intimacy, a realism that is palpable, the characters are real and that there is no tone of fantasy film, but on the contrary, an intimate film and more real, closer ‘. This is a guy who sees the film as I see it, which comes from an independent world. It was prism the idea that a director as well off does something ‘Star Wars’, “he revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair Mexico.

diego luna

n fact, the combative artist certainly does not express its satisfaction at the fact that ‘Rogue One’ uncheck slightly from its predecessors by focusing more on the “heroes” anonymous rebellion trying to overthrow the Empire, as well as in the fight civilians to regain their freedom, which in those characters that usually stand out above the rest thanks to the providential intervention of the ‘force’. Continue reading “Diego Luna will bring ‘naturalism and realism’ to the new movie ‘Star Wars’”

Street Style: Stylish couples

It is curious to see how celebrities not only share with other famous romances, but also their style. And apparently, the fashionable couples have not only been the focus of journalistic focus throughout their busy lives but also to share a very similar look.

That’s right celebrity couples who share their lives, and a street style very similar. Of course, here we will show you some of your favorites, along with a few pictures that will certainly not be missed.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom:


Miranda and Orlando are definitely one of the booms of the red carpet but so are on the asphalt! And it’s attractive and easy street styles demonstrated to perfection. Without using too many flashy clothes, accessories are the must- that these celebrities have chosen to highlight the most. Moreover, sweaters and jeans were the selected item in a day to look completely casual.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson:

No turning … Certainly is one of our favorite couples! And clearly it is not difficult to see why, right? Both are really attractive, are extremely successful, and together they make the perfect combination to be the center of attention in a few minutes. Continue reading “Street Style: Stylish couples”