The most famous plebeians in history

She is the protagonist of one of the most high-profile scandals of the British monarchy. Wallis, a North American divorced twice, was the one who stole the heart of Edward VIII. Then King of England, who defied all moral and religious schemes of the 30s, to indulge in the love of this plebeian, to the point of abdicating the throne and deliver it to his younger brother. Thanks to this decision, today Elizabeth II is queen, because its father, who received the throne.

The most famous plebeians in history

David Wheeler

David Wheeler is a Colombian linked to the royal family of Thailand. The finance professional was a companion to the Princess while attending a Master in Business Administration at the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He became part of the royalty at the time of formalizing their relationship. The Colombian continues in the search for his biological mother who left him for adoption during his first days of life at the Foundation, located in the city of Bogota. Continue reading “The most famous plebeians in history”

Victor Cifuentes and his 50 years in Colombian television

It is impossible to talk about the history of Colombian television, not to mention names like Victor Cifuentes. Today, already pensioned and dedicated to independent work, he continues to participate in at least one play. It was 1965 and Victor, only 15 years old, began to fulfill his dreams without pause. His first encounter with one of the great loves of his life, the radio, was in the remembered radionovela Caliman next to Gaspar Ospina, one of his personal masters. Victor never imagined that this experience, which still bristles the skin, would be the beginning of an exemplary career that this year turns 50 years.

Victor Cifuentes

By the 1970s, television was a tree growing in the country. The artists who were part of the radio productions that fell in love with the Colombians and paralyzed the country, replaced the microphones by the cameras. Una Vida Para Amarte was the novel where Victor debuted as a television actor participated in 60 chapters. The education of his diaphragm and his specialty in dramatic art allowed him to shine on the screen that he shared with other stars of the moment. Apparently, the name of that first production predicted the relationship that would support Victor with his career, to which he has dedicated his life for love. Continue reading “Victor Cifuentes and his 50 years in Colombian television”

Pop feminism the new fashion of Hollywood divas?

Although the concept has generated all kinds of positions throughout history, Hollywood have been adhering to a wave of actions that show the concept of interest. While some people consider that the red carpet divas threw the towel before the dictatorship of the heel and the perfection, another group thinks that we are before the era of the ‘F feminism pop a new tendency that by effect of contagion or fashion again steals the world’s attention.

Pop feminism

For Erin Gloria Ryan, one of the heads of the Jezebel portal feminism may be a trend but Lena Dunham is undressing in Girls does not help to revive the law of equal rights. Change attitudes and thoughts, but we should not confuse speaking with acting. It is easy to say I am a feminist. The difficult thing is to support it with actions says the leader. Continue reading “Pop feminism the new fashion of Hollywood divas?”

Would Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt be back together?

This week rumors spread that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt would again be in touch for work reasons. Hollywood Live said that the experimenter was talking to shoot a movie. Several media reported that Pitt had called Aniston to congratulate her on her birthday and have since exchanged messages on her cell to work on a joint project.

Would Jennifer Aniston

However, Gossip Cop, a portal that verifies the entertainment news, denied the information. According to the Aniston representative, there is no work project under consideration. The representative did not refer to communications for personal reasons. Continue reading “Would Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt be back together?”

Oscar figures and other fun facts

Hollywood’s elite meets Sunday at the Dolby The atre to celebrate the 89th edition of the Academy Awards and reward the best of the film industry. Here are some fun data to have a clearer idea of ​​the show before the show.

Oscar figures

The youngest Oscar winner was a girl of five years: Shirley Temple in 1934, although he was an honorary award for children. If it is, only the categories of competition would then Tatum O’Neal who was 10 when she won best supporting actor for Paper Moon in 1974. Continue reading “Oscar figures and other fun facts”

Hollywood Stars Take Part in US Election Battle

Celebrities have always used their power when it comes to promoting a presidential candidate and this year is no exception. The cinema constantly hosts evenings organized by movie stars and directors of major studios to raise funds in favor of their favorite aspirant. The entrance to one of these parties can cost up to 300,000 dollars per person.

Hollywood Stars

The most important thing is that Hollywood celebrities get a level of care for a candidate that no other industry gets says Steve Ross a professor of USC History and author of the book ‘Hollywood Left and Right’. Continue reading “Hollywood Stars Take Part in US Election Battle”