This is the new dream team female Albert Rivera

If you ask them for the best known of the formation orange female face, sure it would not take a second to answer. At 33 years, the rise of this Law graduate has been meteoric, as recognized by their peers. It was the speaker of Citizens in Catalonia and now will be the national executive. Arrimadas is a lively and tenacious Andalusian based in Catalonia that roams the seat or television sets with poise and aplomb, though it is defined as a shy woman.

Albert Rivera

The smallest of five brothers, the daughter of a lawyer, married a few months ago with the independent political Xavier Cima at a wedding with Andalusian flavor, it is a frustrated, fond of travel archeologist, the omelette, the running and his little dog. Impeccable in their daily outfit (although no image consultant), has achieved a unique style in a new and modern party imposing sobriety and studied naturalness as a guideline to follow. Continue reading “This is the new dream team female Albert Rivera”

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney break their relationship

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have broken their relationship, and there is a rumor but 100% news confirmed by its protagonists. In fact, they say it is not a break but a break in their relationship, and they expect and want their love again be as strong as it was the last 5 years.

The singer and actor seems they are currently busy with their careers and prefer to be every man for him until they can devote more time. This is confirmed by Lady Gaga in a statement posted on their social networks:

We are two ambitious artists and we hope to cope with the distance and complicated schedules to continue the love we have always shared. We are like everyone else and we really want.

lady gaga and taylor kinney

The New Yorker has been “forced” to talk about it in their social networks after the uproar raised when its representative confirmed the break. Wants to make clear that “we’re taking a break” and that “we are kindred spirits”. They want out of the doldrums and trust and overcome this crisis. And I say, if you are so in love, why do they need to take a break from each other? It’s something I’ve never understood. Continue reading “Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney break their relationship”