Meghan Markle back to Canada after visiting Prince Harry

Actress Meghan Markle, the new girlfriend of Prince Henry of England, is back in Canada where wheel series Suits. The singer, 35, has enjoyed a short two – day visit to London last week by the grandson of Isabel II, but has not had time to hear about this, according to the Daily Mail.

Markle’s trip to the English capital has occurred after Prince Henry spent Halloween in Toronto (Canada). The grandson of the Queen of England, 32, came last Saturday to a rugby match between England and South Africa, where he sat in the stands with Charlene, Princess of Monaco.

meghan markle

The interpreter who occupies the heart of the prince was not allowed to see in this or other acts that have kept busy these days Enrique commemorating the soldiers and British veterans. According to a source close to the prince who collects the daily source Express, Markle made a mini break because it has commitments with the filming of his series: “Much has been made of his presentation to the Queen and Prince Charles, but simply has not been time” says the source.

The Daily Mail revealed exclusively this week some pictures of the actor walking around the neighborhood of Kensington (London), near the palace of Kensington, where Henry lives. Both are said to have been dating since May but had never been seen in public together.

In an unusual occurrence in the British court, Henry of England issued an official statement last week through the account of Kensington Palace and signed by its secretary, in which he denounced a campaign of harassment Meghan Markle. The note says, “feel disappointed not to have known protecting” her special friend. Prince admits that maintains a relationship with her that the text qualifies as “girlfriend “. Something unusual as usual in the royal houses dating only be admitted once there is official commitment.

The note continues: “Prince Harry is concerned about the safety of Ms. Markle and is deeply disappointed that he could not protect her.” He adds: “His girlfriend has been a wave of harassment and has also been trolls who have made racist and sexist remarks about her is not right that after several months of relationship between him and Ms. Markle, this is subject to… a storm. He knows that commentators say it is the price we have to pay and that this is all part of the game.

He strongly disagree. This is not a game; it is your life and hers. It has requested to be published this statement in the hope that those who have been driving this story can stop and reflect before further damage. You know it is unusual to issue a statement like this, but expect people to understand why he felt the need to speak publicly. “

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