On this day … Pele made his 1000 goal

On November 19, 1969, Edson Arantes do Nascimento Pele made his 1000 goal at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro before 65,000 spectators.

Five days before Pele had achieved both 999 in your account to Botafogo and a couple of days later, his team, Santos, facing away to Bahia, but this time not wet Pele.


In the next game, the Saints received at the legendary Maracana to Vasco de Gama. With the score at 1-1 and in the absence of 12 minutes to the end of the match, the referee signaled a penalty for the home side and, of course, Pele would be in charge of running it. All cameras were about to capture the historic moment, in front, the Argentine goalkeeper Edgardo Jack Andrada, who had said before the match that for the world wanted to go down in history as the goalkeeper who conceded the goal Pele thousand. Continue reading “On this day … Pele made his 1000 goal”

Meghan Markle back to Canada after visiting Prince Harry

Actress Meghan Markle, the new girlfriend of Prince Henry of England, is back in Canada where wheel series Suits. The singer, 35, has enjoyed a short two – day visit to London last week by the grandson of Isabel II, but has not had time to hear about this, according to the Daily Mail.

Markle’s trip to the English capital has occurred after Prince Henry spent Halloween in Toronto (Canada). The grandson of the Queen of England, 32, came last Saturday to a rugby match between England and South Africa, where he sat in the stands with Charlene, Princess of Monaco.

meghan markle

The interpreter who occupies the heart of the prince was not allowed to see in this or other acts that have kept busy these days Enrique commemorating the soldiers and British veterans. According to a source close to the prince who collects the daily source Express, Markle made a mini break because it has commitments with the filming of his series: “Much has been made of his presentation to the Queen and Prince Charles, but simply has not been time” says the source. Continue reading “Meghan Markle back to Canada after visiting Prince Harry”

Diego Luna will bring ‘naturalism and realism’ to the new movie ‘Star Wars’

Mexican actor Diego Luna could not be more excited now that will become part of such a select as those who have made ‘club The Wars ‘ one of the most iconic film franchises in history, and although the film that will star, ‘ Rogue One: a Star Wars Story ‘, constitutes an alternative tape away from the main line of films, the interpreter is pleased that its foray into the fictional universe created by George Lucas will offer a “more realistic approach and next “interstellar conflict.

” Gareth [ Edwards, director of the film] gave me some flowers and said [during one of his first encounters] ‘I want to bring to this film intimacy, a realism that is palpable, the characters are real and that there is no tone of fantasy film, but on the contrary, an intimate film and more real, closer ‘. This is a guy who sees the film as I see it, which comes from an independent world. It was prism the idea that a director as well off does something ‘Star Wars’, “he revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair Mexico.

diego luna

n fact, the combative artist certainly does not express its satisfaction at the fact that ‘Rogue One’ uncheck slightly from its predecessors by focusing more on the “heroes” anonymous rebellion trying to overthrow the Empire, as well as in the fight civilians to regain their freedom, which in those characters that usually stand out above the rest thanks to the providential intervention of the ‘force’. Continue reading “Diego Luna will bring ‘naturalism and realism’ to the new movie ‘Star Wars’”

On this day … Muhammad Ali overcame George Foreman in “Rumble in the Jungle”

On October 30, 1974 took place “Rumble in the Jungle”, the most famous boxing fights in history which pitted Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo).

The bout was scheduled for September, but an injury caused Foreman was delayed six weeks. One hundred thousand people packed the stadium on May 20, although the battle was to begin at 4 am in order to adapt to American time. The dictator Mobutu Sese Seko paid five million dollars to each fighter to accept the central African country to host the event.

muhammad ali

Foreman, 25 years, defended title with a spectacular record of 40 wins (37 of them by KO) thanks to a concussive punching power, while Ali, 32, had lost his leg speed and came to be defeated by Joe Fraizer and Ken Norton. The stakes were clearly favorable to the first, but on the contrary, Louisville had the support of the public. They spent much of the summer in Zaire to suit its tropical climate and the unusual schedule in which they would face. Continue reading “On this day … Muhammad Ali overcame George Foreman in “Rumble in the Jungle””

Johnny Depp falsely accused of abuse

Last week news broke and became one of the bombings of the year: the actor Johnny Depp was accused of abuse by his ex-wife, Amer Heard. However, already it made the police investigation, which determined that, despite the complaint Amber has not been shown that there is any aggression actor to her public.

Let’s start from the beginning to know the whole story. The couple had a short marriage, only 15 months, and the separation was not amicable, indeed, from the first moment could see there would be trouble. And the last one has been the accusation of abuse that has come from Amber. So the events happened:

johnny depp

Police report

According became public a few days ago, before separating, Amber called police to report that his then husband had thrown a mobile and had become very aggressive with her. It is assumed that in this situation, what she was doing was consoling the actor for the death of his mother. Continue reading “Johnny Depp falsely accused of abuse”

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney break their relationship

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have broken their relationship, and there is a rumor but 100% news confirmed by its protagonists. In fact, they say it is not a break but a break in their relationship, and they expect and want their love again be as strong as it was the last 5 years.

The singer and actor seems they are currently busy with their careers and prefer to be every man for him until they can devote more time. This is confirmed by Lady Gaga in a statement posted on their social networks:

We are two ambitious artists and we hope to cope with the distance and complicated schedules to continue the love we have always shared. We are like everyone else and we really want.

lady gaga and taylor kinney

The New Yorker has been “forced” to talk about it in their social networks after the uproar raised when its representative confirmed the break. Wants to make clear that “we’re taking a break” and that “we are kindred spirits”. They want out of the doldrums and trust and overcome this crisis. And I say, if you are so in love, why do they need to take a break from each other? It’s something I’ve never understood. Continue reading “Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney break their relationship”

Street Style: Stylish couples

It is curious to see how celebrities not only share with other famous romances, but also their style. And apparently, the fashionable couples have not only been the focus of journalistic focus throughout their busy lives but also to share a very similar look.

That’s right celebrity couples who share their lives, and a street style very similar. Of course, here we will show you some of your favorites, along with a few pictures that will certainly not be missed.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom:


Miranda and Orlando are definitely one of the booms of the red carpet but so are on the asphalt! And it’s attractive and easy street styles demonstrated to perfection. Without using too many flashy clothes, accessories are the must- that these celebrities have chosen to highlight the most. Moreover, sweaters and jeans were the selected item in a day to look completely casual.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson:

No turning … Certainly is one of our favorite couples! And clearly it is not difficult to see why, right? Both are really attractive, are extremely successful, and together they make the perfect combination to be the center of attention in a few minutes. Continue reading “Street Style: Stylish couples”