Gareth Southgate stays as England

When uncovered the scandal of Sam Allardyce and he had to dismiss from his post as England manager, the FA trusted Gareth Southgate provisionally. Although in reality, what they really were doing was testing him to see if it was right to take command of the English team.

In addition, apparently, it seems that Gareth Southgate has passed that test, given that the English federation has announced that it will continue as England manager. The label “interim” is over, as the former footballer of 46 years will lead the team the Three Lions until 2020, if you have the bad luck that things go wrong and you unlink your contract.

gareth southgate

Those who followed the Premier League in the nineties will remember his time as a player. A career that began in the Crystal Palace, which followed the Aston Villa and ended at Middlesbrough. At his retirement in 2006, he went straight to the bench of Boro, which he led for the next three years until he was fired. Continue reading “Gareth Southgate stays as England”