Gato Romero to lead Malaga to the end of the season

The Malaga Football Club began this summer an interesting project with Juande Ramos at the front. With him, it was expected that the team would overcome the good work of Javi Gracia and that he fought to play in Europe, but this year has not been so and that has been provoking quite a stir in the environment.

Within this rarefied atmosphere came the resignation of Juande Ramos. The Spanish coach justified his decision, unusual in football today, based not on results, not considered bad at all, but that environment which he regarded as one of the main problems for the team was not positions In which it should be.

gato romero

Finding a substitute for Juande Ramos has not been easy either. The first choice for the sporting director, Francesc Arnau, was his friend Oscar Garcia Junyent, but failed to convince him to leave the Austrian Red Bull Salzburg. The other names that were on the table, such as Ruby or Sergio Gonzalez, seems not entirely convinced the above Arnau areas. Continue reading “Gato Romero to lead Malaga to the end of the season”