What is the secret of to hypnotize the whole world?

It is the famous chorus of a famous song. Of one, that takes 26 weeks in the Hot 100 list, of Billboard magazine and more than 10 in the first position. A music that is dedicated to a genre only to be able to break it. A song that, with more than 4.6 billion reproductions, becomes the most listened since the Internet exists.

hypnotize the whole world

He would like to have a better story to tell, says Fonsi in an interview for People magazine, but it is cheesy and without heroism. One day he woke up with the melody of the choir spinning in his head. Des Paito. He was in Puerto Rico and decided to put his country among the verses. “Let’s go on a beach in Puerto Rico.” He recorded a couple of lines on his phone and, looking for rhymes, he found that “Ay, blessed” so typical of Puerto Ricans to mean almost anything. “Until the waves shout: alas, blessed!” This, he says, was the beginning of everything. Continue reading “What is the secret of to hypnotize the whole world?”