Alejandro Fernandez decided to say yes to the Colombian group. This is the second preview of his upcoming album Breaking Borders, which promises to become one of the most heard of 2017. I know that you’re hurt’ is an ode to all those who are going through a disappointment of love and find in their letter an alternative to re-believe in love passionate delivered and with an incredible desire to believe in their magic. As stated by Juan Pablo Isaza, vocalist of the band. The lyrics are one hundred percent spiteful but a proud spite. I would define the song as a very shrill song.

The video was recorded in Mexico, on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Costa Alegre Jalisco destinations recommended by the Mexican artist who did not miss the opportunity to boast of the beauties that his country has to offer to the world. The Colombian group that was nominated the year as artist Revelation at the Latin Grammy Awards said they are very grateful to the Mexican artist.

We have all heard the music of Alejandro Fernandez since he was a child. It’s crazy to be here, it seems like a dream. The Colombian band nominated for the Latin Grammy! This new melody brings a more fresh, happy and carefree Alejandro, where without a doubt will beat more than a heart of the fans of this musical genre.

The song selected by the NY Times reached three million hits on YouTube. Hermosa is the second single much anticipated visual album Planes Son and her second premiered after the global success of ‘Fuego’. Beautiful Ingrate’ represents a new chapter in the search for universal love. In this electro type fused with the power of his electronic guitar presents the story of an emotional battle in which he struggles not to return with a beautiful thankless.