The most famous of all and that marked trend is the American singer Cher. The love and unconditional support to his son Chaz Bono before Chastity are seen in photos and public interviews. The transition was a strong impact for the singer took some time to assume, not to use the female pronoun, to be proud of the change. Chaz left the closet as a lesbian in 1995 and in 2009 decided to change gender. Following example of his mother in the show, in 2014 he began his acting career. He worked on the film Dirty in a male role.

Magic Johnson, a former NBA superstar and player had already played in the 1990s when he confessed to being a carrier of HIV. Years later, he continues to be an example of a mind with few prejudices: he supports the sexuality of his son EJ who, in addition to having left the gay closet, stars in a reality show on American television. Lately she just dresses in girl clothes – and with much glamour and according to the magazine People, began her transition to become a woman. “We have to support our children because there are a lot of people who discriminate against them and need a lot of restraint Johnson said.

Warren Beatty the legendary Hollywood actor and Anette Beaning had a little girl named Kathlyn. At 14 he began his transition to become a man Stephen Ira. His decision cost him some disagreements with his father at first. Today he is a blogger star and fan of social networks, where he promotes his activism in favor of the rights of transgender people. He defines himself as transsexual and gay since despite his change of sexual identity, he likes boys. Warren meanwhile says he loves his daughter still uses the feminine but he knows he will never be the same again. It does not deny that the experience is being painful due to the psychological and emotional complications, above all,

Shiloh is one of the six daughters of the marriage between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and since May decided to start taking hormones to effect a change that was already being noticed. Today begins to be called John. The South African actor, receives the same questions that Angelina faced at the time, when she started dressing as a boy. The media criticizes the blonde-haired person who allows her 5-year-old son Jackson to walk in a blue dress and a frozen movie cap.

She was raised in the American Pentecostal Church, under very strict and arbitrary rules. Now she chooses total freedom applied to the rules of gender for herself and her children. The people can wear dresses Noah wears dresses and there are no rules they can be whatever they want in my house.