Not everything is as it seems. We know that in a while. But this premise becomes much stronger among celebrities because the stars are responsible to live in a parallel reality, full of luxuries. On the other hand, some life was not always full of extravagance. Today, we brought a collection of the celebrities who were left homeless. Let’s see who it is.

Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone:

We all remember the years where Stallone starred in several porn films. He confessed that it was a decision in a moment of despair in his life. Without money, carried three consecutive weeks sleeping in a bus station until he read a flyer in a trade to participate in a film for adults in whom they were paid him 100 dollars per day. “Instead of doing something desperate worked for two days and went to the station.”

Halle Berry:

Before starting her career in Hollywood, Halle Berry moved to Chicago where she squandered her savings quickly. Desperate, she requested financial assistance from her mother who refused. After that, she decided to stop at a homeless shelter. Although despite her history she remains strong and positive. “I became a person who knows that you will always make your own way.” The youth was stronger!

Shania Twain:

Believe it or not, Shania Twain’s life was not always full of luxuries. As a child, her family was so poor that sometimes even money enough to buy enough food. From the eight years used her voice to sing in bars so you can take a few notes to your home. But at 14 her mother took her and her siblings to a shelter, where they lived for several years.

Hilary Swank:

If you want an inspiring example, perhaps Hilary Swank may be it. With her mother moved to Los Angeles to revive her acting career. Per, until she landed a role in her first audition had to live in her car for a while. Yes, they relied on her talent, both who left everything behind to follow her dream.

Selma Blair:

Just last year Selma Blair could publicly support a part of her history. When she was 21 years old, she lived in a shelter of the Salvation Army in New York. Curiously enough money saved while working. But not just to get out and rent an apartment, but to buy her first Versace dress. This girl did have priorities riots!