If there is a woman who believes in love and in second chances, it is Geraldine. This Argentine woman was married to librettist Mauricio Navas, with whom she has an 11-year-old son named Fernando. After a divorce quite commented by the press the actor gave what to talk about dating and Jaime Andres Motta, younger than her. However, in 2010 he met the love of his life the Chilean actor Gonzalo Vivanco. With poetry, chocolates and mariachis he conquered her and after three months of relationship, proposed marriage to her in 2011.

Carolina Sabino and Daniel Cabrales

There are couples who are meant to be together. They met in Cartagena when they were children because their mothers studied in the same school. They grew up and each one went by his side. In 1999, and with four months of pregnancy, Carolina married the musician Kike Duque winner. Although they shared a taste for acting and singing, it was not enough to save their marriage, which lasted two years.

Since then, Carolina has dedicated herself to her son Tomas to work leaving love aside. However, a year ago everything changed when he met Daniel again. Apparently, the bond that united them of children was still intact, because after nine months of courtship they were married in the same city where they met almost 30 years ago. The ceremony was held at the Cartagena Fishing Club on 13 July.

Monica Fonseca and Juan Pablo Raba

In 2009, Monica guaranteed that everyone saw her marriage to actor Mark through a web show. A year later and with rumors of an infidelity of the Mexican, they separated. For Monica this end was the beginning of something more special and true. His relationship with actor Juan Pablo Raba, with whom after seven months of courtship he married on August 8, 2011 in Miami, in a much more private ceremony. Only the closest relatives and friends attended. In addition, apparently the low profile worked because they are still happy and with their first child: Joaquin.

Andrea Serna and Juan Manuel Barraza

Little is known about how they met. Simply the presenter preferred to keep it private to prevent gossip affecting their relationship, as happened in 2008. In that year, Andrea separated from Frank, producer of Factor X, after a year of being married. Although they continued working together, Andrea fell in love again, this time of Juan Manuel, brother of the presenter Maria Jose. Without giving details of their commitment or relationship, they were married on December 21, 2010, in Cartagena.

Laura Acuna and Rodrigo KlingĀ 

After separating from the presenter Camilo Montoya, who only lasted seven months married in 2005, because he fell in love with Jose Gaviria, this claims to have found the true love next to the gemologist and entrepreneur Rodrigo Kling. They met at the opening of one of their jewelry stores in Pereira, where Laura was the presenter of the event. They lasted three years as friends, while each had their relationship. When they were both alone, they decided to give themselves a chance. After a year of boyfriends, they were married in Miami in May 2010.

It is said that distance relationships do not work, but this couple can attest to the opposite. She went to Buenos Aires to record Valentino, the Argentine while he recorded The Lady of Troy in Villavicencio. It was through Skype that they managed to keep in touch every day. Thus, they managed to share a year of courtship until in December 2008 they were married in Medellin. They are one of the most stable couples of the Colombian show, far from gossip and scandals.