Esika introduced Magnet Select, its new masculine fragrance, designed for successful men, who choose to live intensely exclusive and intense experiences in complicity with their partner, leaving their personal stamp on everything they do.

The fragrance Magnet Select, thanks to its sophisticated woody aroma and its exclusive presentation, reflect the luxury, success and adrenaline; Attributes personified in William Levy, recognized Latin actor who has participated in great amount of telenovelas and films in Hollywood, leaving his personal seal in each one of them. William not only shares the product’s features as sophistication and success, but also enjoys intense and exclusive activities, lifestyle that makes him the perfect Magnet Select man. He is a popular person.

Created by the perfumer house Symrise, Magnet Select is a result of the inspiration of the prestigious and experienced perfumers David Apel and Emilie Cooperman, who perfectly fused the Ginger of Madagascar and the cardamom achieving the sophisticated aroma of Magnat Select, a fragrance of sensual background and Manly, which highlights the man who lives intensely. The Cuban shared with us what his favorite aromas, his best memories and his choice to awaken all the senses. What is your favorite aroma? Let it be woody, makes it very masculine.

A scent of childhood

The smell of the sea reminds me a lot when I was fishing. I like to be risky, to live intensely a scent that awakens your senses those of freshness of relaxation. In fact, it does not have to be just the scent of a perfume it also has to do with the personality scent that is the most important thing. Why do you have to buy Esika’s new essence because it is made for all men who like to live to be elegant and successful?