After greeting middle friends like Kate Hudson and posing for the photographers on the red carpet. She has to go out to the film directors union to participate in a question and answer session on Criminal Pact the film with Johnny Depp about James ‘Whitey’ Bulge. In which Dakota plays Lindsey Cyr the legendary Boston mobster. The next day he would be on a plane bound for Japan to accompany Michael Kors to open his shop in Ginza district in Tokyo.

This frenetic pace is somehow new to the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson and granddaughter of Tippi Hedren. That struggle led to secondary roles and even in tapes like The Social Network, Special Command (21 Jump Street) and Eternally Committed. The great opportunity for Johnson came in late 2013 with the character of Anastasia Steele the young literature student who falls in love with millionaire and sadomasochist Christian Gray Jamie Dornan in shades of Gray.

Its protagonist in the cinematographic version of the literary phenomenon catapulted it like one of the young actors of greater demand in Hollywood. It also made her a favorite of fashion houses, from Gucci blank from the paparazzi. It really happened fast. I was aware of the hype about the film and the fact that I participated in it put me in the center of that. Wearing a sack of black wool a light blue wide-brimmed jean that shows off a pair of blue Converse boots Johnson speaks very softly. Tries to be nice but occasionally he misses spoiled girlish features.

The moments of greatest satisfaction he says are what happen next to his family. Johnson has six half brothers two from Mom and four from Dad but oddly enough she is the only one who has followed the tradition of acting. His brothers are more inclined toward music. Despite belonging to a dynasty of celebrities the young actor says she rarely talks with her work or industry parents.

Today, their main concern is how to take on the recognition and not succumb to the attempt. Johnson confesses that there are times when fame overwhelms and prefers to remain behind closed doors. I stay home for a long time. Sometimes I get very paranoid when people are taking pictures of me.