Mexican actor Diego Luna could not be more excited now that will become part of such a select as those who have made ‘club The Wars ‘ one of the most iconic film franchises in history, and although the film that will star, ‘ Rogue One: a Star Wars Story ‘, constitutes an alternative tape away from the main line of films, the interpreter is pleased that its foray into the fictional universe created by George Lucas will offer a “more realistic approach and next “interstellar conflict.

” Gareth [ Edwards, director of the film] gave me some flowers and said [during one of his first encounters] ‘I want to bring to this film intimacy, a realism that is palpable, the characters are real and that there is no tone of fantasy film, but on the contrary, an intimate film and more real, closer ‘. This is a guy who sees the film as I see it, which comes from an independent world. It was prism the idea that a director as well off does something ‘Star Wars’, “he revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair Mexico.

In fact, the combative artist certainly does not express its satisfaction at the fact that ‘Rogue One’ uncheck slightly from its predecessors by focusing more on the “heroes” anonymous rebellion trying to overthrow the Empire, as well as in the fight civilians to regain their freedom, which in those characters that usually stand out above the rest thanks to the providential intervention of the ‘force’.

“I think of all the movies that have made Star Wars so far ours is the most realistic, which is about people, about the people. The characters are more like us and heroes have no powers, what they have is a conviction and desire to change their reality, in that sense we speak of a social movement, “said proud reivindicativo character of the tape.

Now begins the round of promotional meetings around the world, the famous interpreter is doing everything possible to avoid revealing any details to compromise in any way the secrets hidden within the plot of the movie, so that measures carefully each his words, while trying to generate more excitement if anything about the surprises that surely will offer its new project.

“I can say that is full of references, small tributes and characters that chronology here may itself be” announced in the same conversation, not wanting to offer more information that might lead to fans of the franchise to make cabals and disseminate theories.