There was no surprise in the category of best leading actress and Emma Stone will sleep tonight as an Oscar winner. Emma said on stage I realize that being here is due to a confluence of luck and opportunity. Then thanked the director of the project Damien Chazelle find out who he is for having let him be part of a special project and unique in life.

Casey Affleck is to Denzel Washington when he picked up his Oscar for Best Lead Actor Casey Affleck’s homage to Denzel Washington when he picked up his Oscar. Thank you for making me laughs for raising the bar and being the best partner in this adventure.

I still have a lot to learn in this industry but this is a precious symbol to continue that way. Said the actor to whom this film in addition has earned him the Golden Globe the Bafta and the Actors Guild Award. The error of Warren Beatty’s envelope with the winner of the Best film: ‘La Land’ loses in front of ‘Moonlight’

The makeup has been doing a lot says Dr. Mato Ansorena a plastic surgeon aesthetic and repairer. Owner of the clinics that bear his name but almost all famous from 40 have injected botox, hyaluronic acid vitamins Radio frequency live. For their image and even if they prepare specifically for the red carpet they take care of it in a habitual way. However, what treatments do they usually use for an event like an Oscar red carpet?

The treatments with chemical peels are great to give luminosity to the face owner of the beauty centers The Beauty Concept tells us that medium grade peels can be made 3-4 days before an event and the result is a spectacular face with a polished luminous skin without wrinkles marks.