The one who could become the future Duchess of Alba has found her ‘alter ego’ as far as style refers to the other side of the pond. It is not about any minor celebrity but about Ivanka Trump herself. First lady of the United States we do not say it but Wikipedia the president’s right hand would have the same taste when choosing clothes or at least similar that Fernando Fitz-James’s official girlfriend.

The best test: both chose the same dress of the brand of which Alejandra Rojas is one of her main promoters for two of her most important public appearances both of a family character and in which both would be photographed for posterity.

While Sofia chose the black dress to debut as a new member of the Alba clan in partnership at the wedding of the family’s grandchild Ivanka chose the target for another social presentation: that of her third child. Two acts in which the complements were the ones that marked the great difference between both even more that the base color of the suit.

The bride of the Duke chose sandals with black tacks and long red earrings matching the flowers with which he adorned the collected – all a wink to the disappeared duchess. Trump’s daughter opted for a much more informal look more in line with her date: turquoise suede shoes in stark contrast to the dress’s most eye-catching details and her traditional loose mane.

Two different styles but with many points in common that also coincide in some others of their public appearances. It is noteworthy that both are quite assiduous to use in their looks neutral colors with very clean lines and a classic style in essence. Whites, beige, navy blue and black abound in their closet bottoms in light and light garments for summer and alpaca wool and tweed for this season.

Although Fernando Fitz-James’s girlfriend would like to go unnoticed his elegance does not leave him indifferent. At the wedding of Luis Martinez was one of the best dressed. Do you have an iOS or Android mobile device? Download the APP on your phone or tablet and do not miss our tips on fashion beauty and lifestyle.