After the success, Tientame the young singer arrives with her new single a contemporary and fresh sound that pretends to position the Colombian singer as the artist of the moment. The music video for this song was made under the direction of Edwin Jaimes, who managed a concept, and the musical production was in charge that already has several platinum albums.

Ivanna, who has been considered one of the best voices in Latin America and her presence on stage, makes her the most outstanding international artist. Following her participation in the La Voz Kids Colombia reality show in 2014, Ivanna has dedicated herself to preparing herself as an artist, through several music schools including the Berklee College of Music, one of the most outstanding in the USA.

Ivanna states that despite her young age she is very demanding with herself outside and within the scenes. She transforms the letter into a feeling these characteristics have become his personal seal and essence as an artist.

For the Caleno has been a great experience to be linked to the online movie platform. “It has changed my life for good, the truth is a before and after in my career.” When Netflix arrives in Colombia and gives him the opportunity to participate in this series, they give him freedom to express his vision. It’s like a dream come true. I am the director that most chapters have directed. I am 12 in the whole series.

Now he became co-executive producer, where he will have to support the other directors, be aware of the locations and the departments of art and cameras. It will be like giving a look to the season. As a Colombian, I can contribute much more. Although much research is done, I also have a very Colombian look where I defend certain aspects of the country and I can find a balance in that writing to give a more authentic look at what that moment was said Baiz.