At age 26, Lawrence benefited from the blockbuster success of the latest installment of The Hunger Games saga, which garnered a share of more than $ 653 million in theaters and the contract for the Film Passengers which will be released this year.

Although her income was down on the previous year when she pocketed $ 52 million, the Oscar winner for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ clearly outclassed the rest of Hollywood female stars in terms of profits. According to Forbes the second highest paid actor of the year is comedian Melissa McCarthy who made more money than ever thanks to the new version of ‘Ghost busters’.

McCarthy, 45, won $ 33 million and outperformed a regular like Scarlett Johansson, who earned $ 25 million in the last twelve months mostly for her role in Ghost in the Shell and for lending her Image for the campaigns of Dolce. Following them, Jennifer Aniston (21 million), who continues to enter millionaire figures for their films says Forbes obtains most of its revenue through advertising contracts.

The Forbes list again makes clear the wage gap that still exists in Hollywood between men and women, as Robert Downey Jr. the highest paid actor last year had an estimated earnings of $ 80 million compared to the 46 of Lawrence. The American actor precisely, is one of the stars that in recent years have denounced on more than one occasion that disparity.

The King of Eleven written and directed by Daniel Burman, is the detailed description of Ariel’s unexpected inner quest. The most curious thing is that the meaning of life comes out to meet you. More than a search, it is then a sum of findings, which transform the perception of Ariel in front of itself and in front of the world. These are not miraculous and improbable mutations. It is about acceptance, commitment and the recognition of roots more solid than he believed. In that, this film shows a wealth and a strength as unsuspected as it is welcome.