Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have broken their relationship, and there is a rumor but 100% news confirmed by its protagonists. In fact, they say it is not a break but a break in their relationship, and they expect and want their love again be as strong as it was the last 5 years.

The singer and actor seems they are currently busy with their careers and prefer to be every man for him until they can devote more time. This is confirmed by Lady Gaga in a statement posted on their social networks:

We are two ambitious artists and we hope to cope with the distance and complicated schedules to continue the love we have always shared. We are like everyone else and we really want.

The New Yorker has been “forced” to talk about it in their social networks after the uproar raised when its representative confirmed the break. Wants to make clear that “we’re taking a break” and that “we are kindred spirits”. They want out of the doldrums and trust and overcome this crisis. And I say, if you are so in love, why do they need to take a break from each other? It’s something I’ve never understood.

What this crisis is?

Committed for a year and a half and partner for more than 5, Taylor and Stephanie (real name of the singer), are going through a deep crisis due to the tight are their professional agendas. Both are in a great moment and have a lot of work in different parts of the country and even the world in her case, so you barely have time to look.

What both have clear is that they want to resume their relationship in the future, when they have less work and can devote more time. They also want to engage again, but who knows

A crisis which has occurred as a result of the busy professional schedules of one and another. The work has separated them but both Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney trust soon resume their courtship and, even more, their wedding plans. Who knows whether it will be possible for this separation or know someone to start a new romance and so put an end to his love? Only time will tell.