With this new song, seeks to promote good treatment of women and raise public awareness of this issue. After the resounding success with the first songs from her album, Maia the interpreter decides to release a new single titled. A song that seeks to arouse sensuality in women in a different way, tells how it is necessary to activate all. The senses in a very sensual way without getting a kiss, is to create chemistry without touching, is a way to impress on people the important thing of complicity connection and compatibility with someone.

Maia is an empowered woman who has been working for some time on the subject of social responsibility with the children of the salty. Now hopes to contribute with her talent, music and experience to the good treatment towards the woman. To be able to contribute from its area a grain of sand to this theme that for centuries has put women at a disadvantage, and try to teach the correct way to treat it.

Many people in the arts and the press continue to wonder why one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors is not yet a mom. Although she has been very emphatic about being quiet about the subject, it is again in the eye of the hurricane product of the new Life & Style magazine cover. We do not have to be married or be mothers to be complete Jennifer Aniston.

The tabloid media assured the reasons why the 48-year-old actor will not be a mother and referred to some anonymous sources, highlighting information provided by a close friend of Aniston, who said that Jennifer repeatedly tried to get pregnant without having a positive result, despite having undergone several hormonal treatments.

Brad Pitt’s life experiences continue to ratify that true happiness requires no offspring as her acquaintance claims. That despite all that can be said about the subject, Jennifer and her current husband, Justin Theroux, Have started looking for other options, such as a belly rental or adoption.