With just 23 years, paisa is a youth idol that has greatly affected the markets of Spain, the United States, Argentina, among others. On Thursday, April 6 in Medellin, Colombia, at the premises of the Antioquia Governor’s office, the Governor of the Luis Perez Department in the middle of an act of protocol decorated Juan Luis London Arias. With the highest distinction coat of Antioquia in Gold Category for his hard work as a singer and composer also, for being an example of discipline constancy for encouraging young people to dream and believe in themselves.

It is an example of life of creativity, of communication with youth of spiritual closeness to the last generations is a thinker in the modern way. That tries to interpret aspirations of its contemporaries. Infects the taste for the music and for everything ladino. Malmo like any young one of our department has fought to achieve his dreams and becomes an example of pursuing and reaching the goals. Are the young people who are making the new history apart from the speech of the Governor?

In the middle of the award presented the Foundation the Art of Dreams his social initiative, made true, since for several years he had been working quietly for children and young people from different regions of his land.

The Art of Dreams is a foundation that with the help of its family has as its mission. To seek to form in the being and in the knowledge of children and youth in situations of vulnerability, through art its different expressions as Composition instrumentation singing, production, dance and painting. That allows its moral, physical, cultural and social development in diverse spaces that lead to build bridges between art and dreams.

For months, I have been working tirelessly to make this a reality today. Maluma with the foundation has dedicated his free time to work for young people in municipalities Bello. It also sponsors non-profit organizations that have the same social objective.