Not many men who go to beauty salons to straighten hands and nails. However, some centers do not forget about them. This is the case of the centers Nenha of Madrid, who have designed manicures specially designed for your skin type, your tastes and needs. On the other hand, it is important to note that use designed for them, such as those ORLY, a firm offers products of US origin.

Would you like to find out more details about these manicures for men? Well we recommend you do not miss anything of what we tell you then!

The duty of care for your hands

From our point of view, men not only have the right to care for their image, but also a duty. Especially we consider that should take care of their hands and nails. In addition, it is that these body parts are obvious view. However, so far only a few men were worried about the manicure.

Male hands perfectly treated

In massaged it seems a fantastic idea that centers like Nenha help men to wear a male but properly treated, clean with a slightly glossy shine hands. Specifically, in the lounges located in the area of Retiro (Jorge Juan, 64) and Nuevos Ministerios (Hernani, 49), Madrid, made available to products specifically designed for your skin, with custom protocols depending on the tastes and the needs of each: manicure with enamel or not, natural or polished nails, the Japanese bath or exfoliating…

The best firm’s sector

NenHa works with some of the best firms specializing in manicures: OPI, Essie, CND or ORLY. Special mention the “Nails For evils” of the latter mark, with semi – matte finish, and BB Creme, which moisturizes, nourishes and smooths the nail. The Nenha manicures designed for them are ready in about 30 minutes and is priced from the 16, 20 euros.