The wife of Barack Obama surprised us for eight years because of her charisma, style and great social sense undoubtedly a first lady that the American country the world will never forget. I am here today because I want to give them a better world a world where they will have the opportunities with which we and our mothers and grandmothers could only dream.

One of the lessons I grew up with was always staying true to me and not letting what someone else said distracts me from my goals. That is why, when I hear about negative and false attacks towards me, I try not to invest No energy in them because I know what I am.

The teacher asked my brother what career you want to study. However, I was wondering ‘what kind of man do you want to marry? Each one of you can be leaders and support others to achieve it. Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.

The problem is when fun stuff becomes a habit and I think that’s what has happened in our culture.” Fast food has become the daily food. I never dreamed of being First Lady. Being black, that dream seemed impossible. You should not be in a relationship with someone who does not make them entirely happy and complete them as a couple. Today, I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves.

I see my daughters two black women young and intelligent playing with their dogs on the lawn of the White House. When we go to the polls in November this is what we will decide: not between a Democrat or a Republican not between left and right. In this election and in all what we are deciding is who will have the power to mold our children in the next four or eight years of his life.