Do you love to watch the best gossip magazines and watch your “roses” favorites? In that case, we invite you, the next time you do it, and not look at the smile of celebrities as decorating the teeth with diamonds is becoming quite a trend.

A strange way to get back to the last century, when people who lost a tooth made up for this deficiency by replacing the gold ivory, a material which, besides being extremely tough, was a symbol of status and wealth.

However, the emergence of new techniques such as veneers and other cases currently let this chemical element aside, though, it seems, gold and other precious metals have become hard to decorate the teeth of the celebrities, but not only them but also on them.

How to decorate your teeth with gold and diamonds

To decorate the teeth of this strange shape, the famous must be in the hands of a dentist to embed small pieces of gold and diamonds in your teeth, a practice that, according to many dentists, it is very harmful to oral health because this type material can scratch the enamel and even cause tooth decay, so that the use of gold and diamonds in the smile and teeth care are two actions that are wildly at odds.

Celebrities have been encouraged to decorate the teeth

If you want to see how they are inlaid with gold and diamonds in the teeth, you’ll want to know that some of the celebrities who have included in their lives have been Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna.

A practice that, in our opinion, is far removed from the beauty and remember those we have used brackets that many small (or higher) and that both wanted to disappear from our teeth.