Although the concept has generated all kinds of positions throughout history, Hollywood have been adhering to a wave of actions that show the concept of interest. While some people consider that the red carpet divas threw the towel before the dictatorship of the heel and the perfection, another group thinks that we are before the era of the ‘F feminism pop a new tendency that by effect of contagion or fashion again steals the world’s attention.

For Erin Gloria Ryan, one of the heads of the Jezebel portal feminism may be a trend but Lena Dunham is undressing in Girls does not help to revive the law of equal rights. Change attitudes and thoughts, but we should not confuse speaking with acting. It is easy to say I am a feminist. The difficult thing is to support it with actions says the leader.

We say girls: you can have ambition, but not too much. You should aspire to success, but not too much. If not, the man will feel threatened Feminist the person who believes in social, political and economic equality between the sexes.

Some memorable phrases from Hollywood stars

They have seated their voice of protest and have stolen the attention of the cameras with keen speeches to defend the role of women.

Emma Watson

The United Nations Headquarters in New York witnessed one of the most shared and commented speeches. In addition, the British actor ambassador for the campaign, an initiative that promotes gender equality and strives to erase the stigma that exists in Feminism. The university experience should teach women who deserve to hold positions of power, and it should make them clear that their security is a right not a privilege Watson said during a news conference at United Nations headquarters.

The memorable phrase: If a man is not taught that he has to be controlling, the woman will not be controlled. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. The well-known Australian actress took advantage of its passage by the Oscar and Cannes prizes to put its voice of protest by the lack of histories written by and for women.

Although the American singer a couple of years ago had questioned the use of the word feminism in recent declarations, she showed her interest in upholding gender equality.

The memorable phrase: When I was a teenager, I did not understand that recognizing me as a feminist meant believing in equality. I thought it was saying that you hate men many girls are having a feminist awakening because they have understood the meaning.