More and more women who want to have their hair blond. Yes, but takes tons like ice blonde, the truth is that what he wants most is to look like her blonde-haired person natural. Of course, women also demand that their blonde-haired person do not enslave them too much, meaning that they do not have to go to the beauty salon with assiduity.

Fortunately, today barbershops offer different techniques to achieve a natural blonde-haired person. Today we talk about some of them. Would you like to join us?


First, we discuss the balayage a staining technique in which the wicks are made by hand and without using foil. The best thing about this technique is that it provides the points of light righteous. Also, the root is not too marked.


Also are very fashionable babylights, to create a whole color effect but very natural. The blond you get is very bright and can be worked with both foil and with the technique of balayage. The important thing is to make many strands and make them very thin.

Californian Wicks

Of course, you can also opt for the Californian wicks, which are easy to maintain. Of course, to get a natural result, it is important that the gradient be done subtly.

Baby blonde

A technique that may not know is the blonde baby, which is to combine different shades to achieve a result that mimics the natural hair color. It is also important to note that the brightness is more pronounced in the strands around the face.


Finally, we discuss the Sombre, a technique that involves keeping the root in the natural tone and color degrading go down to the tips. Of course, it is important not to exceed the two tons of difference.