Batman is the superhero with the light signal, but Wonder Woman such a large signal sent last weekend that Hollywood could not ignore. Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins, grossed $ 103.3 million in the United States and Canada in its first weekend, far surpassing industry estimates and setting a new record for one Film directed by a woman. Also surpassed all the ribbons carried together, although they are not many and there have not been any other in 12 years.

Positive reviews (93% on Rotten Tomatoes) and word of mouth (an A rating on Cinema Score) have made the film mandatory. The Wonder Woman, that Amazon warrior princess who was last in the summit in the decade of the 70, dominated the moment with its tie of the truth. On Monday Warner Bros. had to increase its weekend revenue estimate by nearly $ 3 million because the public continued to go to see it on Sunday.

Wonder Woman is a success in a film industry that rarely puts women filmmakers behind the scenes for their big productions, and is not only a success but could be an important one. It definitely gave that feeling on its first weekend, when crowds of people flocked to the movies with T-shirts that said we are all Diana and thousands of girls dressed up as Wonder Woman while multiple movie stars praised the film as “an agent of change”.

I am a filmmaker who wants to make successful films of course. I want my film to be celebrated Jenkins said before the premiere. But I have every other person in me sitting around watching what’s happening and waiting, not for Me, that this film surpasses the expectations, because I want to see the signal that that will send to the world to him.

Jenkins’ goal seemed to be fulfilled for the first weekend of Wonder Woman a $ 150 million film with an entire advertising campaign behind it spent a decade in development before finally arriving and dozens of superheroes later on.

Wonder Woman did not surpass the premieres of other adaptations of DC Comics: the much-criticized Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. However, unlike those films Wonder Woman is so good that it could continue to have positive results in the coming weeks. The momentum is with us in every possible way said Warner Bros. distribution Chief Jeff Gold stein.