She is the protagonist of one of the most high-profile scandals of the British monarchy. Wallis, a North American divorced twice, was the one who stole the heart of Edward VIII. Then King of England, who defied all moral and religious schemes of the 30s, to indulge in the love of this plebeian, to the point of abdicating the throne and deliver it to his younger brother. Thanks to this decision, today Elizabeth II is queen, because its father, who received the throne.

David Wheeler

David Wheeler is a Colombian linked to the royal family of Thailand. The finance professional was a companion to the Princess while attending a Master in Business Administration at the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He became part of the royalty at the time of formalizing their relationship. The Colombian continues in the search for his biological mother who left him for adoption during his first days of life at the Foundation, located in the city of Bogota.

Thus, as drawn from a romantic film went from exercising journalism on CNN, to be monarch of the kingdom. It is another of the Colombian quotas in the European royalty. A graduate of Fine Arts and granddaughter of the Colombian industrialist Julio Mario Santo Domingo, she currently has a marriage with Andrea Casiraghi, son of Carolina de Monaco and grandson of another famous plebeian, Grece Kelly. Tatiana is characterized by her mastery of several languages, humility and taste for handmade fashion, highlighting the name of Colombia in the high elites of the royalty of the Mediterranean.

The most famous plebeian in the world today, who managed to renew the English monarchy, Kate, a graduate in art history, met Prince William at university, and today is the most opted to become the queen of one of the most traditional and solid royal houses in the world. The Argentine Queen, wife of Guillermo Alejandro, king of the Netherlands, came to the Dutch monarchy from April 2013, becoming the second wife of a European sovereign. It has become an icon of fashion and good taste.