When the new litter of women of royalty imposed the habit of repeating their looks, there were many comments in favor. The initiative was taken as a very slight departure from eccentric customs and outside the parameters of the vast majority. Now it seems that Kate’s “repeating” custom is not as it is shown. Because anyone will have noticed that despite having, a few years it was recently published that he still wearing boots of ten years ago the garments and shoes look impeccable.

The secret of Kate Middleton to repeat looks and always look new according to the stylist and royal specialist Rochelle White, Kate has her closet duplicated. Is Kate very careful or do the people who work with her knows the best methods for maintaining fabrics and textures?

According to British royalist and stylist, Rochelle White, it is nothing like that. The real reason is that Kate buys her favorite clothes in duplicate. In this way, when she wants to repeat a look, she resorts to the option that has less use. This trick is applied especially in the case of suede shoes – a very soft and delicate material, which is usually chosen for their public appearances.

Certain events or situations allow to return more “real” (of reality, not of royalty) to the personages protagonists of the monarchies. That happened to the two-year-old Charlotte, who was at the airport in Hamburg with her family.

Last week the family was on an official tour; In that context, they visited Poland and Germany, where the little princes greeted everyone and accepted several bouquets. It is possible that the children are already tired after all the hustle and bustle.

Kate Middleton has worn the same boots for 12 years

White also speculates that Kate uses the same method for her children’s clothes, Princes George and Charlotte. According to her, only this way it is possible that they look impeccable with dresses with several placed and after to withstand the classic stains of the boys.