His good thing about not having Twitter is that you save many dislikes. If not, let them say no to Cate Blanchett who must have spent a few great days while the nets burned on her account. I once flew to Australia just to talk to Cate Blanchett, but I met her husband first or instead of her to be exact said Val Kilmer who posted ten messages reminding and debunking her.

I recently had two dreams with Cate Blanchett. Her husband was not in any of them. In another tweet he said I once made a cameo just to coincide with Cate Blanchett, who was picking up a shovel in the same scene. I was so dazzled by how he caught it that I forgot the phrase I had to say. He went on he went on and he went on.

Until, faced with the barrage of criticism, he had to justify himself without fixing much. Of course this story was coming. At least that is what Mark Kilmer, the actor’s brother and psychologist said many years ago I’m convinced that Val is going to have relationship issues until he seeks help.

Psycho Kilmer

Val, in his good years, never missed a beautiful woman at his side. His list of conquests was opened by Cher when he was 22 and she 36. Later would come Michelle Pfeiffer Daryl Hannah, Drew Barrymore Elisabeth Shue Cindy Crawford or Joanne Whalley, the only one with whom she married with whom she had two Children and denounced him in 2011 for not paying him the more than 25,000 euros per month they had agreed upon after the divorce.

In the margin of the incident with Blanchett, it is known as intense. Anecdotes, statements against him or confrontations with the directors who suffered him seem endless. He quit his first job because he was not able to find the motivation of the character. Maybe the second: he was 12 years old and it was a hamburger advertisement.

Finally came his first movie Top Secret and he had to play a rocker. He got so much into the role that he even ended up recording an album with the songs of the character. In the face of these accusations he has once said that he does not think that he is too perfectionist and if so it would be something that he does for the good of the film.

Too bad not everyone thinks so Joel Schumacher his director on Batman Forever described him as childish and impossible. He went even further and claimed that it was the most psychologically disturbed human being I’ve ever worked with.

More disturbing was what he said about him Kevin Jarre screenwriter for Tombstone. The Legend of Wyatt Earp Val has a dark side that I do not feel comfortable talking. He even fears to think about it and perhaps because of that everyone in Hollywood knows him as Psycho Kilmer.