The London actor explained why her topless appearance in Vanity Fair magazine is not inconsistent with her speech and her struggle for gender equality. Emma Watson talks about feminist criticism for posing at Vanity Fair Cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

The latest edition of the American magazine Vanity Fair was the reason for the discord between several people in social networks. On page, three appeared Emma Watson topless although covered with a white caplet. Immediately, several people attacked her through social networks asserting that the artist had not understood what feminism was all about.

The 26-year-old actor answered the criticism in an interview with Reuters: I do not understand what my breasts have to do with feminism. Feminism is about empowering women. I’m confused and a lot of people too. In this way, Watson has used the controversy to give his vision about feminism. About the freedom that women should have to show their body or not. It became clear why it is the UN Women’s Ambassador and the leader of the project, which vindicates women’s rights gender equality and promotes social change.

Recently the British also surprised its followers in New York. Through a tablet and a videoconference Emma Watson gave advice to the citizens who passed by the subway station Grand Central in exchange for two dollars. The money collected would be sent to Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides sex education service. To ensure that women can make a free decision to abort. This idea was born after the president of the United States, Donald Trump, withdrew the financial aid received by this entity.

In this way, the actor and young activist shows not only in words that her speech is not in any way inconsistent with her way of acting: as I have grown older I have realized that all those battles, the biggest and the most Smaller are part of who I am, “he said.