It is the famous chorus of a famous song. Of one, that takes 26 weeks in the Hot 100 list, of Billboard magazine and more than 10 in the first position. A music that is dedicated to a genre only to be able to break it. A song that, with more than 4.6 billion reproductions, becomes the most listened since the Internet exists.

He would like to have a better story to tell, says Fonsi in an interview for People magazine, but it is cheesy and without heroism. One day he woke up with the melody of the choir spinning in his head. Des Paito. He was in Puerto Rico and decided to put his country among the verses. “Let’s go on a beach in Puerto Rico.” He recorded a couple of lines on his phone and, looking for rhymes, he found that “Ay, blessed” so typical of Puerto Ricans to mean almost anything. “Until the waves shout: alas, blessed!” This, he says, was the beginning of everything.

Speak from the senses and not from the reasons. Humming, dancing, and recognizing yourself through your melodies. “Let it be, let it be. Give your body joy Macarena. A hook as it is called in the industry. In slow there are several and with only one of those, the song would have been a success, “says Maria Elisa Ayerbe, sound engineer of the record label Art House Records, nominated for the Grammy for best Latin pop album. The most important hook is in the choir: Des pa cito. A pause.

The guitar of the beginning and its first notes has the same effect of the reflector that lights in the theater to begin the function. The verses “pasito a pasito, suave suavecito”, and “I want to see you dance your hair, I want to be your rhythm” leave singing for hours to those who listen to them. And metaphors like “you are the magnet and I am the metal” never go unnoticed. It is, in essence, a song written from hooks, one that seems to have been made purposely to always occupy the first places.

Slowly it sounded for the first time in January of this year and within a few weeks; it was already one of the most listened to. It became number one in several countries and was ranked 44th on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. Although it was a success, it needed a last push. So thankful for That, It’s such a blessing, yeah! On April 17, Universal Music Latino launched a version remix with Canadian Justin Bieber, who a month later showed 70% of its reproductions and became the most Sound of the world.