Since last April, the identity of the man who stole the heart of Ricky Martin the artist Jwam Yosef, has tried to keep a low profile to the media, accompanying his partner only to specific events and avoiding talking a lot about his life. However, with the recent news that the Puerto Rican and he are already committed the interest in knowing who this character is has increased.

Jwan Yosef is a painter and sculptor who have developed his career mainly in London. As the artist confessed to an interview granted to Vogue, he considers himself a versatile. Sarcastic person in the short distances that if he had not dedicated himself to his profession he would have chosen to be a writer to maintain the independence he values ​​so much at work.

Jwan, 12 years younger than Ricky, is the son of an Armenian mother and a Kurdish father. He spent the first two years of his life in a small town in Syria, moved with his parents to Stockholm (Sweden) and years later to London to begin his career.

I worked day and night as if there was no tomorrow. I got my work getting some attention. I participated in several international exhibitions that opened the door to other projects he told Vogue, confessing that it has also been a difficult road being an artist is hard yes but also a blessing that would not change for the world at all. Due to the provenance of his parents, the encounter between cultures has been a relevant feature throughout his work. This has also made him a tireless traveler, considering himself as a modern nomad.

Now Jwan has decided to take root and settle in the United States with her future husband and his two sons, Valentino and Matteo. Ricky Martin recalled a couple of days ago in an interview with Ellen Degeneres that his relationship with Yosef began because he is a collector of paintings and was interested in one by the artist Sirio. I saw his art and I loved it because I like what he does. I started to search for art and saw his works and I went crazy.