This week rumors spread that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt would again be in touch for work reasons. Hollywood Live said that the experimenter was talking to shoot a movie. Several media reported that Pitt had called Aniston to congratulate her on her birthday and have since exchanged messages on her cell to work on a joint project.

However, Gossip Cop, a portal that verifies the entertainment news, denied the information. According to the Aniston representative, there is no work project under consideration. The representative did not refer to communications for personal reasons.

Since Angelina Jolie published her estrangement from the actor with whom she has been married for 12 years and has six children in common speculation about new couples has not stopped. At first, it was said that the reason for Brangelina’s divorce as the couple in Hollywood was known was an alleged infidelity of Pitt with his colleague Marion Cotillard with whom he co-starred Allies.

The French actor denied the accusations and although she is very reserved she referred to the subject assuring that she never had a relationship with her colleague since she is married has a child and expects her second baby.

Later, he made sure that Pitt with whom he dated was with Kate Hudson, known for his role in how to lose a man in ten days. According to several US media the actor’s own mother had confirmed that a few months after Pitt broke up with Jolie they started dating.

Now Jennifer Aniston is the target of the siege of the media. US weekly published shares messages since last February 11, date of the 48th birthday of the actor. According to middle sources, Pitt did not have the telephone number of his first wife but he moved heaven and earth to congratulate her on her birthday. Brad has confided in Jen told him he was going through difficult times with divorce and exchanged some texts that reminded him of his past the witness said.

The day of her birthday Aniston was in San Lucas (Mexico) with her husband Justin Theroux, enjoying a few days of rest. According to several US media this approach did not bother the actor. Justin agrees they are friends. He knows Jen just wants to be nice the contact said.